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Infinality Fonts – Install and Activate


Click here to understanding the concept of Infinality font rendering and why it improves your screen fonts. Follow the instructions below. Manjaro has this process simple while Arch/Antergos is slightly more complex.

For Manjaro

Open “” text file using the following command. Change gedit with your prefered text editor.

 sudo gedit /etc/profile.d/

The file looks like this


We need to change the bottom line

Remove the “#”tag at the start and change the version from the default “40” to “38”

Save the file and close then…

sudo reboot

For Arch and Antergos

Follow the instructions below. Note that some commands you need to be root for others you need to be User

Check .gnupg exists (if not create it as root)

ls -la /root/

How to create it

mkdir /root/.gnupg

Add the required repositories

sudo gedit /etc/pacman.conf
Server =$arch
Server =$arch

Add these keys (as root)

pacman-key -r 962DDE58
pacman-key -f 962DDE58
pacman-key --lsign 962DDE58

Syncronize repositories (as user)

sudo pacman -Syy


sudo pacman -S freetype2-infinality-ultimate
sudo pacman -S lib32-freetype2-infinality-ultimate

Reboot then…

sudo pacman -S fontconfig-infinality-ultimate


cd /etc/fonts/conf.d

# Note the dot at the end of above command MUST be included! Addition Configuration for webrowsers etc….

sudo fc-match "monospace"
sudo fc-cache -fr

Arch Wiki Source

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