Reboot to Linux and Discover Freedom


Linux is all around you

Everyday we use Linux on Smart Phones, Flight Entertainment Systems, our cars, Sony Play Stations, Smart TVs and a lot more besides. 95% of the world’s supercomputers use Linux and internet giants like Google & Facebook are built on Linux.

Linux is FREE, fast, intuitive, secure, stable and fun to use whether you are browsing the internet, playing games or multimedia, studying or getting serious work done.

Linux is for Everyone

Based on the Linux Kernel, there are literally hundreds of Operating Systems known as Linux Distributions or “Distros” for short. Some of the popular ones include Debian, RedHat, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse, ArchLinux, Solus, elementary, KDE Neon & Manjaro

Each Linux distro can run on old or new hardware as a complete replacement for Windows or Mac OSX. No need to hunt for proprietary graphics drivers or install anti-virus/malware software.

It has never been easier to install Linux on your laptop/PC

At My-Linux-4-all  I show you how to get and install Linux by sharing easy to follow tutorials that will have you quickly up and running. No need to be Tech Savvy, however the ability to read, copy and paste text, knowing where the enter key is on your keyboard might be an advantage. Breathe new life in your old computer then sit back and be amazed.

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